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Tips on Paying for Everything you Want

Image courtesy of Roderick Eime
Image courtesy of Roderick Eime

It can be fantastic to imagine what it might be like to be able to afford everything that you want. To be able to go into shops and whenever you see anything that you want you can just pick it up and buy it. There are very few people that can do this and it can be many people desire to be able to.

There are two ways that you can achieve this. You can either have lots of money so you no longer worry about how much you are spending or you can reduce the amount of desire you have for buying things. Unless you have endless supplies of money, you will never be able to buy everything. There is no one that can afford to buy every single thing that exists and so the only way to be able to buy everything that you want is to buy less.

This may seem rather silly at first glance, but it is possible to change your way of thinking so that you do not desire so many things. Start by thinking about the things that you need and that you do not need. Luxury items are not necessary although they can obviously bring us a lot of pleasure. However, some things will bring us more pleasure than others and we all have different tastes and wants. It is not right for us to judge others on what they want to buy, but it is good to look at your own spending habits and desires. Sometimes it is easy to be tempted to think that we need things because of advertising or pressure from other people when actually we can do without them.

Some people like to spend all of the money that they have and leave nothing for emergencies. It can be an easy habit to get into, where you feel that if you do not buy things when you can afford them, then you may never have the opportunity to buy them again. However, it can be good to change this way of thinking. It is not necessary to always spend money that you have, you can hold onto it and use it when you really need it. Do not fall for advertisers and friends/family pressure to buy things when you really want to save money. Consider whether they are things that you really need, whether you really want them and whether they are worth the money. Even if they are cheap, reduced or you normally buy them, consider how much pleasure you will get form them and whether they offer good value with regards to that. Do not think that you are depriving yourself as you will have spare money that you can use to get things that you really want rather than spending it on things that perhaps do not give you that much pleasure. Once you start carefully considering your purchases in this way, you will find that not alone will you have spare money so you can afford more things but you will not have the desire to buy so many things.



Rachel Henderson is a professional freelance writer from the UK. She writes on many subjects but specialises in personal finance. As well as contributing to various blogs and websites she has her own website tracking her own money making process and sells her books through

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