How to Create a Bad Ass Domain Name


The domain name is one of the biggest decisions a blogger can make. When building anything in life you must always start with the foundation. With internet blogging it is no different. When you create your first website, the first thing people will notice is the domain name. Now choosing the right domain name is no easy feat, so that’s why I created these rules to help make the domain selection process a little easier. Use your Sexiest Keywords If

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Top “Make Money Online” Blogs

How To Make Money with blog

Writing a blog about how to make money online and keeping it on top of search engines is not an easy task. People are looking for unique and profitable opportunities online, they need information. Providing this and making sure that it’s effective can be so hard sometimes. My blog, for example is one of many that is updated regularly and where you can learn a lot about how to make money online. But still, I write every kind of tips

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