Blogging Contest – Earn $100 or Free Hosting With MakeMoneyInLife


Hello again, this will be a short and straight to the point blog post. We’re starting a quick blogging contest for everyone who’s interested, this will be one of our first attempts to reward hard working writers and bloggers. If this one goes well, we will organize new contest every month or even every 15 days. How to enter this blogging contest, and some basic rules: Write a a blog post and send it to us for a review at

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6 Real Jobs For Making Money Online


There are a lot of ways for making money online nowadays. But in the sea of endless opportunities, how to choose the right one? We have decided to create a list of 6 Real Jobs For Earning Online. These are 6 different things you could do that are real and down to the core. 1. E-Trader (webshop owner) Something that is constantly growing since the beginning of the web are online sales. You could start your own web shop or

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4 Online Money Making Ideas You Won’t Be Able To Resist


Flickr author If you’re unemployed at the moment and reading this article, the chances are you spend a decent chunk of your day sat in front of a computer browsing the internet, right? Well, in that case, you’re probably not making the most of this time, as there are lots of opportunities around at the moment for earning a living online. The only trouble is, those who currently do this generally stay tight lipped, as they really don’t want too

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4 Cardinal Rules for Making Money Online

Laptop druckt Geld (Dollar)

Most people believe that making money online is easy; they just need to be smartass and know the secrets of making money by reading some popular affiliate marketing blog. But contrary to popular perception, making money online is much more difficult. Since it is not your usual 9 to 5 official job thing, you may soon find yourself disillusioned when you start seeing the truth that making money online takes painfully long time. It has some long and boring steps

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How to Create a Bad Ass Domain Name


The domain name is one of the biggest decisions a blogger can make. When building anything in life you must always start with the foundation. With internet blogging it is no different. When you create your first website, the first thing people will notice is the domain name. Now choosing the right domain name is no easy feat, so that’s why I created these rules to help make the domain selection process a little easier. Use your Sexiest Keywords If

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How To Make $100 – $1000 With Social Media Marketing


How many of you out there want to make $100 – $1,000 with social media marketing?  Well, let me count…1,…5,…13,….34, wow, everyone actually needs extra income. I want to show you how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest can generate income to you consistently. But this is not a get rich quick scheme. If you’re ready to work hard and stay focused, making money online via social media networks is possible. We would be considering four simple steps to make money

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