Blogging Contest – Earn $100 or Free Hosting With MakeMoneyInLife


Hello again, this will be a short and straight to the point blog post. We’re starting a quick blogging contest for everyone who’s interested, this will be one of our first attempts to reward hard working writers and bloggers. If this one goes well, we will organize new contest every month or even every 15 days. How to enter this blogging contest, and some basic rules: Write a a blog post and send it to us for a review at

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Make Money Blogging – When to Expect Your Profits?

Make Money Blogging

So many people asked me this question, and here is my answer right in this blog post. You started your blog and you’re blogging daily, or not, it doesn’t matter, as long your content provides value and answers. Blogging is not a thing to consider if you want to make some quick buck. But money is there, I can tell you that, and I get that money every month in my bank account. This is not to brag, but just

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3 Innovative Ways To Make Money Blogging

make money blogging 4

Making money online has been over-hyped. But is it really a scam?   I don’t think so. You can still make money online if you press the right buttons. Thousands of people earn five or six figures online annually. The difference between someone who makes money and another who is barely earning enough to renew his web hosting fee isn’t intelligence or expertise. What is it? The person who smiled to the bank took action by implementing rabid money making

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3 Cool Ways a Blogger can Make Money Blogging


Making money online is what everybody that uses the internet dreams of. This is why so many means of making money on the internet has become so competitive. Forex trading started way back in the early years of the internet and those that were smart enough to tap from it have made it big. Now, the thing everyone is talking about is blogging. Blogging did not start as it is today. It started from being an online diary where people

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