What To Do When Business Stuck?

bad business

We all had one of those days,when business just stops,like we get caught in some hole without ending and where there is no time.You want to know what to do to get out there and to continue working like before with great results and great revenue. First of all you need to take a piece of paper and write what you see right now,like what is the main problem,where does it comes from,who is making it and how to stop

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How to Create a Bad Ass Domain Name


The domain name is one of the biggest decisions a blogger can make. When building anything in life you must always start with the foundation. With internet blogging it is no different. When you create your first website, the first thing people will notice is the domain name. Now choosing the right domain name is no easy feat, so that’s why I created these rules to help make the domain selection process a little easier. Use your Sexiest Keywords If

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