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4 Classic Self-Employment Paths You’ve Overlooked


Many young entrepreneurs immediately try to start businesses that focus on developing new apps or launching Kickstarter campaigns. Although those approaches work well for some people, you shouldn’t overlook more traditional self-employment paths. If you suspect that making apps and selling products through Kickstarter aren’t the right options for you, try these classic routes to self-employment. Become a Real Estate Agent Becoming a real estate agent requires very little financial investment, which makes it a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who

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Code of Honour: What to Expect from your Wealth Manager


Wealth management is mainly all about focusing on making the most of the money that you have accumulated, and in order to achieve this aim it often means trying to find a suitable professional who can guide you through all of your options, together with respecting your privacy alongside supplying sound advice. Whether you contemplating the idea of buying a French luxury property and want some pointers on the best way of doing this in the most efficient way, or

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When You’re Hurt on the Job: Common Worker’s Compensation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

calculator with the word compensation on the display

Getting hurt on the job is not a sought out after experience. You are going to miss work commitments, have to seek medical attention and go to the hospital. One of the lights in all of this though is that you can get workers compensation. All employees should be well aware of “workers comp” by now. It is a great safety net that is built into the system, as it is only inevitable someone will get hurt on the job.

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7 Wise Ways to Spend Your Salary Bonus


If you work for a company who gives you salary bonuses every year, you are lucky. Not every company pays their employees bonuses. If you are one of the fortunate ones, you should think really hard about what you are going to spend your bonus on. Since you only get one once a year, you want to spend it wisely. Below are a few good ideas that you should consider. #1 Home Renovation If you are unhappy with the appearance

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3 Signs To Identify Whether Or Not You Save Enough Money


Nowadays, having money is not necessarily the valid criteria in order to state the fact that you are rich. There will always be someone to have at least one dollar more than you do. Still, the reality is that important is not how much you make, but how much do you manage to spend – a thing of organization and money management. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to

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Is it a Good Time to Start a Business?

Image courtesy of Thomas Angermann

With the world economy struggling in specific places and uncertainty in Europe as well as China, you may wonder whether it is a good time to start a business. It is not surprising that you may worry about this, every new business owner will worry about this whenever they start a new business and there is usually not the perfect time to start a business anyway. However, you should be able to give some thought to your specific business and

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The Most Important Mistake To Avoid When Travelling


Have you ever wondered if you could make travelling cheaper? Would you like to be able to see the entire world, still you might think that this is something rather impossible? Believe it or not, there is one problem that we all seem to accept when travelling. Nowadays, since we like to have a lot of comfort, we do not pay too much attention to what money we pay and how much we actually see from a different country. These

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How to Identify the Best Special Offers

Image courtesy of Duncan Hull

Buying special offers can be a bit of a two edged sword. This is because we can get tempted to buy things that we may not normally buy or the prices are not reduced that much at all. It is therefore worth being very careful when you are looking at special offers. The first thing to do when you are tempted by a special offer is to look carefully at the price. Check out how much it has been reduced

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Top 3 Most Prolific Businesses Developed in New York City

Businesswoman Writing on White Board and Businessman at Table --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Have you ever wondered how life is in the Big Apple? Would you like to have just a glance to what are those businesses which turn out to be the most prolific and also, know how you could develop a strategy that is all worth it? If so, you are at the right place and at the right time to find out the truth. Nowadays, coming up with an original idea for a business is something that we would rather

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How to Afford Christmas Gifts this Year

Image courtesy of Sean Macentee

As Christmas gets nearer many people start to feel the stress of not knowing how to afford all of the gifts that they have to buy. It can get worse as families tend to get bigger not smaller and expectations can grow as well as there are always new things to buy and new ideas to take on. There seem to be new traditions each year to keep up with such as elf on the shelf, Christmas Eve boxes, more

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