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We are Taking Down 3 Money Myths


  Have you ever heard some rumors related to money? Are you simply sick of what everyone is telling you with regards to this aspect? Well, believe it or not, everyone you would hear talking is someone that talks from his own experience. For some of us, making money is something easy and rather not a problem to talk about, whereas for the rest of us this niche is a taboo. Regardless of your side, the best way to maintain

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When to Release Equity from Your Home?

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If you own your own home, then you will probably know that it is possible to release equity in that home. This can be done in two main ways. You can extend your mortgage based on the increase in value of your home since you took it out or if you have paid off the original mortgage you can use an equity release scheme in order to get some cash or income from the home. Whichever method you use it

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Top 3 Money Behavior Differences Between Millennials and the Older Generations

Wining the lottery.

There is a gap between two generations; a big and important one ought to have many repercussions. Apparently, there are some interests that have changed drastically. There is no wonder why, since nowadays the technology has taken us up as a surprise. Still, from time to time, it is definitely a good idea to turn back and see how the evolution has been made. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make

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From Early Birds to Late Planners: Top Tips to Increase Your Savings for Retirement


As usual, Oscar Wilde hit the nail on its eccentric head, saying: “I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.” The trouble is, of course, that the day after (like tomorrow) has a habit of arriving. Retirement always seems such a long way off, until it isn’t. But whether retirement is in the distant future or just around the corner, you can be taking steps now to increase your income later. Make Saving

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Turning Your Passion Into a Business: Not Always As Easy As You Might Think


Taking the leap and starting your own business is a definite life journey. It is something that a lot of people have done and become successful in. On the other side of the coin is a lot of people who haven’t made it and failed. There are no success stories for some people. It is incredibly easy to start a business, the hard part comes in creating a sustainable one that can grow, make money and stand the test of

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How to Decide When to Sell Your Shares

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It can always be difficult to know when to sell your shares. You may see the stock market moving and wonder whether you need to take advantage of those movements or wait and see whether things get better in the future. People do have different approaches to selling shares and obviously it is up to the individual what they will want to do. Some people buy shares with the intention of selling them really quickly as soon as the price

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How the $20 Golden Rule Works


Are you sick of being always linked to a credit card? Would you like to know that you have finished, once and for all, your credit card addiction? Well, someone said once that money is the evil. We have to admit, the more we have, the more we crave. Likewise, the less we have, the more we wish we had. Still, there is something called a strategy that can help you reduce your will for shopping and also, make your

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How to Encourage Children to Earn Money From a Young Age

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When you have children living at home you will find that things are more expensive. You will also find that as they get older, they become increasingly expensive. This is because they eat more, want more expensive things and their clothes and gadgets tend to be dearer. One way to get around this problem is to get them earning money and make them pay for the things that they want. It might sound harsh, but if you provide the basics,

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Learning How To Create Passive Income


Nowadays, passive income is something like a dream for most of us. Since it is worldwide known as some kind of a program that makes money and deposit them in your bank account with relatively low effort, there is no wonder why it is so highly demanded. Still, only few of us achieve this dream, mainly because it is quite hard and you need a lot of people to be working for you – or at least, people for whom

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Here are 3 Hints You Will Not Get a Raise

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Nowadays, talking with bosses and trying to make them think the way you do is no easy job. As hard as the first interview was, the harder will it be for you once you start working and decide to ask for this or that. Negotiating upon a raise is a tricky business – you can either make it go the way you want to or, on the other hand, go away with nothing but sad stories. These being said, in

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