Five Tips to Save Money on your Grocery bill

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There are many ways that we can save money when we are shopping at the supermarket. Many of those though are pretty obvious and most people suggest them. Here are a few different ideas which you may not have thought of before. Many people spend a lot of money buying bottled water when it is not necessary. The water that we have in our taps, although not free, is a lot cheaper than buying bottled. If you do not like

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Tips on Keeping Down the Cost of Christmas Food

There are always a lot of costs at Christmas and food can be one big one. If you are having family over or hosting a party, then you may end up buying a lot of extra food and drink and the cost can really add up. There are ways though, that you can keep those costs down so that you do not overspend. Firstly consider whether you should cut down the amount of people that you invite to your home.

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How to Afford a Second Family Car

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Many families have two cars these days, but with cars being so expensive to run it can be difficult to know how to afford two. This could be whether you are struggling with running two cars or if you are thinking of getting a second car. Insurance can be one part of the expense where you can save money. It can sometimes be cheaper if you insure both cars with the same company and you may get a multi car

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How to Keep Warm Without Overspending

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In the winter time it can be very expensive to keep warm. Putting the heating on can make a significant impact on how much we pay out on our utility bills and some of us may not be able to justify this increase in cost. There are things that you can do though, which will keep you warm without costing that much money. Layering up in clothing can be a good idea, but you need to leave room to move.

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Will Having Children be too Expensive?

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Some people have children because they want them, but for others the decision is taken out of their hands because they feel that it is too expensive. There are many costs to consider and it is worth thinking about them all and whether you can afford children or not. There have been figures thrown about over the years about how much each child costs you. However, things change, including salaries and so it is better to calculate it yourself. The

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How to Play Bingo for Free

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Many people love bingo and like the chance to win some money. However, not everyone likes to pay to play bingo or wants to pay for every game. It is therefore worth knowing that there are many free bingo games out there that you can play and some of them even have prizes that can be won. A free bingo game can be quite hard to find as there often seems to be a catch, perhaps that you have to

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How to Save Money on Children’s Hobbies

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When you have children everything seems to suddenly get more expensive. One thing that can really add up is their hobbies. If they go to clubs, want certain equipment or toys and need to go to different places it can be so expensive. There are a lot of things that you can do to bring the cost down though and below are a few ideas. If their school runs clubs at lunchtime or after school these can be a lot

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How Healthy Eating Can Improve Your Finances

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There are many people that think that eating healthily is really expensive and that it is not possible to do on a small income. However, there are many ways that you can make you diet healthier and save money. Firstly, many of us snack between meals. We may eat sweets, chocolate, cake, biscuits or other things between meals which are just not necessary. Cut those out completely and you will reduce the expense of those. There is no need to

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How to Afford Christmas Gifts this Year

Image courtesy of Sean Macentee

As Christmas gets nearer many people start to feel the stress of not knowing how to afford all of the gifts that they have to buy. It can get worse as families tend to get bigger not smaller and expectations can grow as well as there are always new things to buy and new ideas to take on. There seem to be new traditions each year to keep up with such as elf on the shelf, Christmas Eve boxes, more

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How to Save Money on Heating this Winter

Image courtesy of Kenneth Hagemeyer

As winter approaches, there is always the balance between the cost of the heating and staying warm and comfortable. Even those that can afford an increase in their bills, still notice that it is more expensive and it so may benefit form finding some ways to cut the costs. It is wise to start by looking at the timer on your boiler. Make sure that the clock is accurate and that the times the heating is set to go on

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