How to Save Money on Heating this Winter

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As winter approaches, there is always the balance between the cost of the heating and staying warm and comfortable. Even those that can afford an increase in their bills, still notice that it is more expensive and it so may benefit form finding some ways to cut the costs. It is wise to start by looking at the timer on your boiler. Make sure that the clock is accurate and that the times the heating is set to go on

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How to Keep Fit on a Budget

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Keeping fit is something that we should all work hard to do. It is beneficial to our health in many ways, both physically and mentally, but many of us do not work hard enough at it. Some people feel that it is too expensive to keep fit, but there are many ways that you can keep fit without it having to cost any money at all. Although having a personal trainer can be really useful, there are alternatives. A personal

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How to Keep App Costs Down

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Buying apps can be a big expense. You may think that as they are cheap, they will not cost you very much money, but those costs can soon add up. You may find that you will be spending significant amounts of money, both on apps and in app purchases if you actually add up all of the costs of this. There are ways to keep the costs down though. Firstly, set yourself a budget. Consider how much you can afford

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Money Saving Tips for Students

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Student life can be quite tough, having to live away from home for the first time for many, means that a lot of adjustments need to be made. They need to responsible for themselves, do their own shopping, cooking and washing and manage their finances. It can be the finances that is one of the most difficult parts, particularly as the money a student can get, perhaps through grants and loans, is rather small and it may not be enough

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How to Reduce Costs of Celebrations

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In many families there are times when everyone gets together to celebrate. This might for religious reasons, traditions or birthdays. They can be really lovely occasions but they can also be expensive. Below are some ideas on how to keep the costs down so that things can still be a lot of fun, but they can also be affordable for everyone. All Contribute Food Often the host will prepare lots of lovely food for everyone to share and enjoy. Food

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How to Achieve a Great Garden on a Budget

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Some people really love their gardens and would like to keep adding things to them to make them look really great. However, this can be really expensive especially if you buy lots of bedding plants, garden ornaments and things like that. However, there are things that you can do which will help you to save money on your garden. Plants can be really expensive and there are a couple of ways that you can reduce the cost of these. Firstly

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Home Baking on a Budget

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There has been a big revival in home baking, partly to do with cookery programmes on television such as bake off and also because people are looking to making more food from scratch so that they know what has gone into it. It can be great fun to bake, but it can actually work out a lot more expensive than buying baked goods from the supermarket. This means that it can be necessary to budget when you are baking. It

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How to be Frugal and Still Feel Rich

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It can be really hard sometimes if you are trying to be frugal and budget but really feel like you want to be spoiled. You may see lots of other people spending money, having new things, going on holiday etc and you may feel that it is unfair that you are not able to spoil yourself in the same way. There are ways that you can make yourself feel rich though, without having to do these things. It is important

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How to Budget for Christmas Early

Image courtesy of Craig D

Christmas can seem to creep up on us each year and if you do not plan well it can be rather overwhelming. Not just is the whole exercise of planning and shopping difficult for many people but the cost can be really hard as well. Therefore it can be wise to make sure that you start doing everything really early. Make a List Lists are a great way to plan. However, you need to make sure that you put the

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How to Deal With a Big Spending Spouse

Image courtesy of Elliot Harmon

Sometimes there can be problems in a relationship with money. It can be that one partner spends a lot of money and the other ones tries to save as hard as they can and does not save. The one that does not spend money may be trying to save to pay off debts, bills, or save up for something and it can be frustrating when their partner spends a lot of money. It can sometimes be difficult to resolve this

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