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Money and Time Saving Hacks (through your Mobile & Internet)


Money and Time Saving Hacks (through your Mobile & Internet)


I recently stumbled upon something put together by Virgin Media showing how everyday people could save Money and Time through their Mobile Phones and/or broadband connections. These tips and tricks are for everyone (not just the internet savvy!) so you’re probably already familiar with the some of the tips they’ve outlined. However, there are a couple that I didn’t know about and I found really useful!

I had no idea about the City Planner app, which takes you from point A – B in the quickest time possible. Fantastic when you’re not in a city you are familiar with or when you’re abroad. Bill Minder is also another great app for your mobile. I’m terrible when it comes to knowing when bills come out and how much they’ll be. BillMinder is a Reminder and Organiser – so you won’t get hit with those late fees any again.

So if you fancy saving a bit of Time and Money make sure you check out this guide from Virgin Media – you may discover something simple that could help you out a bunch!

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