Which Career to Choose for the Best Salary

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Whether you have been working for years, are new into a career or are starting to think that you will soon have a new career, you will probably be looking at what salary you can earn. Although a job is not all about salary, having money is important to all of us and if we can get more money, then it could make things a bit easier for us. Choosing the right career can be crucial if you want to

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How to Afford a Second Family Car

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Many families have two cars these days, but with cars being so expensive to run it can be difficult to know how to afford two. This could be whether you are struggling with running two cars or if you are thinking of getting a second car. Insurance can be one part of the expense where you can save money. It can sometimes be cheaper if you insure both cars with the same company and you may get a multi car

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How to Keep Warm Without Overspending

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In the winter time it can be very expensive to keep warm. Putting the heating on can make a significant impact on how much we pay out on our utility bills and some of us may not be able to justify this increase in cost. There are things that you can do though, which will keep you warm without costing that much money. Layering up in clothing can be a good idea, but you need to leave room to move.

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Will Having Children be too Expensive?

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Some people have children because they want them, but for others the decision is taken out of their hands because they feel that it is too expensive. There are many costs to consider and it is worth thinking about them all and whether you can afford children or not. There have been figures thrown about over the years about how much each child costs you. However, things change, including salaries and so it is better to calculate it yourself. The

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More Ways to Save Money Without Much Effort


The main topic we cover at MakeMoneyInLife.com is, unsurprisingly, how to improve your financial situation. We cover lots of ways to make money from home and online, but we also provide a lot of tips on ways to make every dollar go further. Today we’re talking about ways to save money with very little effort. There are plenty of things you can change or adjust slightly in order to generate passive income. Here are a few ways to put in

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How to Predict the Economic Future of Your Country

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At the moment many countries economies seem to be very active. With big changes going on in the world, it can have an impact on many economies. It would be really good if we could predict what was going to happen so that we could plan accordingly. Sadly, if there was a way of making an accurate prediction of what a countries economy might do in the future then there would be some very rich people out there. They would

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How to Protect Your Finances After the US Election

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The US election results rocked the world markets as the result was not what everyone was expecting, in the same way that it did after Brexit. However, what does that mean for the future of our own personal finances? Markets are always very jumpy and so if there is a significant (or sometimes an insignificant) happening that could change the markets then people panic and start to act quickly, making very quick changes. In the case of Brexit this meant

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4 Ways to Make Money in College


College is fun and exciting, but it also costs money. Latte on the way to the lecture, something decent to eat, a ticket for a concert and occasional beer, not to mention expensive books that are costing a fortune or expensive accommodation. It is hard not to get worried about money! Of course, some students have trust funds and wealthy background, and they will never face these issues, but keep in mind that earlier you start to think about money,

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How to Find the Very Best Business Deals

If you run a business, then you can often find that you get bombarded with good deals. This could be everywhere from at the cash and carry, in the stationery catalogue to sellers of advertising space. It can be hard knowing which deals are worth taking advantage of and which are best ignored. Some sales people can be really convincing as well and this can make it worse as they may make you feel that you will regret it, if

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How to Play Bingo for Free

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Many people love bingo and like the chance to win some money. However, not everyone likes to pay to play bingo or wants to pay for every game. It is therefore worth knowing that there are many free bingo games out there that you can play and some of them even have prizes that can be won. A free bingo game can be quite hard to find as there often seems to be a catch, perhaps that you have to

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