How to Get Some Additional Money for your Business

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Many small businesses are struggling at the moment, but there may be more that they can do in order to make a bit more money. Obviously getting more income in and spending less will increase profits, but there are often small tweaks that can be done which will improve things without having to make big changes and they can make a big difference. Firstly consider whether you need an accountant. Although it is wise to keep your books yourself so

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How to Earn More Money Online

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There are a lot of people that earn money online these days. There are many different ways to do it as well, but many people find that they are not earning very much money for what they are doing and they would earn more if they could go and work, even in a very low paid job outside of the home. There are ways that you can earn more money online though. Rather than filling in questionnaires, watching videos or

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How to Buy Less

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There is a lot of pressure on us these days to buy a lot of things, many of which we do not need. This can even lead to some people going into debt. Although buying things does help grow the economy and if you buy local, you can help boost your local economy, it is something which can also lead to household debt and eventually increased landfill which is not good. If you want to cut down, but are not

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How to Use Social Media to Make Money

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Many people have social media accounts. However, it is rare for people to use them to make money. There are many opportunities to make money on social media if you just know where to find them. Some of those are listed below. Sell things There are social media groups where you can list things that you want to sell. These tend to be local groups which means that you will not have to post items and you will be able

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How to Make Money from your Website

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Many people have websites of blogs, perhaps for small businesses that they run or personal projects and interests. These can be fun to work on and they can help with promoting yourself, causes you are keen on or your business. However, they do cost money, with domains, hosting and other costs adding up, if you choose to buy them. There are ways though, that you can make money back from your website, which will help to cover these costs. Some

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How to Encourage your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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It can be inspiring reading about entrepreneurs and how they manage to be really successful. Some have managed to come from backgrounds where they seemed to have no hope of being anything much and have pushed past that and worked hard to get to a fantastic position in their lives. However, in order to do this it is necessary to have the right ideas, drive and mind set. To get drive you need to make sure that you keep reminding

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Great Ways To Make Your Business More Organised


If there’s one trait that I’m sure you want your business to have, then it’s efficiency. This is essential for staying on top of quotas, staying competitive, and continuing to grow. As you can imagine, maximising your efficiency isn’t as simple as waking up and saying “I’m going to run an efficient business”. There are many smaller factors which all contribute to making a business as productive and cost-effective as possible. One of these is organisation, and how easily you’re

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3 Principles of Money


  Nowadays, people are more and more guided towards money – the more you have, the more you spend and, also, the more you are ought to be asking for. Believe it or not, money is not at all times, everything that you need – and keeping them at your side might not be making you happy enough. These days, there are so many other things that turn you into a calm person and, all you really need to do,

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How to get an Income from your Blog

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If you have a blog then it is possible to make money from it in a selection of ways. Some people already try a few things to make money, but there are actually quite a few different ways that you can make money form a blog. You can get income from writing sponsored posts, putting on sponsored links or banner advertising. To get a sponsored post you would need to directly deal with an advertiser or use a company that

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How to Make Money from Online Surveys

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There are a lot of people that make money doing surveys online. Although it will not make a fortune, it can be a fun way to make some extra money. Obviously you will need to be the sort of person who enjoys answering questions and also be prepared to reveal information about yourself or give your opinion on things. It is important to be honest as well, because the surveys are used as research studies by companies who use it

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