How to Keep Your Credit Card Costs Low

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If you have a credit card, you may just use it without really thinking about how much it costs you. However, credit cards have a lot of associated costs. Not only could there be a yearly fee, there will also be interest fees added on each month that you do not pay off the full balance and charges for drawing cash out with the credit card. It is therefore really important to be aware of what the charges are and

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How to Save Money on Your Mortgage

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If you own your own home then you will know how much a mortgage can be. It can be a very big percentage of your outgoings and it can mean that you will struggle to meet the rest of your bills or find that you have very little money left for anything else. If interest rates go up then you could find things even more difficult and so it is a good idea to make sure that you are not

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How to be Approved for a Personal Loan

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Borrowing money is getting more difficult as banks are often worried about lending to those who may not be able to pay back their loan. Therefore you may need to show that you can be trusted if you want to borrow money. Years ago you would go into your branch and talk to the bank manager, but these days things work very differently, with some lenders not even having branches. There are different things that you can do to get

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How to Choose the Best Time to Borrow Money

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Borrowing money is sometimes not something which can choose the timing for. If you need money for an emergency and cannot delay, then you will have to borrow then. However, sometimes you can plan more and decide when to borrow, perhaps when buying a home or doing some refurbishments to the home or even buying a car. Borrowing is something that we should be cautious about and if we can save up and buy the item, rather than borrowing money

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Alternatives to Using a Payday Loan

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There are many people that think that a payday loan is a bad thing. Although others may say that they are not so bad, they can tend to be very expensive. There may be alternatives available that you could consider instead, before borrowing money at such a high rate. If you have a credit card or an overdraft then it could be more sensible to use these. Although the interest rates on these can be high, compared to some other

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Top Tips for Paying off your Overdraft

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If you have an overdraft facility and use it regularly then it could be costing you more money than you think. An authorised overdraft is cheaper, so if you do use an unauthorised one a lot then try to negotiate an authorised overdraft, or increase yours so that you can save some money in fees. This will help, but it is better to work out a way to pay it off altogether. An overdraft will be paid off automatically when

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Five Reasons to Avoid Payday Loans

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Payday loans are something that many people really dislike. If you do not know very much about them, then it is a good idea to get an understanding of why people are against them. This will enable you to understand why those people who do not like them, feel that way. High Interest Rates The main concern with regards to payday loans, for most people, is the high interest rates. The payday loans have higher rates than most other lenders.

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How to Pick Between Lenders

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If you are borrowing money then you will have a lot of options with regards to how to do this. It is important though, to make sure that you choose the right lender so that you are happy with them. You may have different ideas as to what might make a good lender. However, below are some possible characteristics in a lender that you may be looking for and why they are important. Interest Rates The interest rates is possibly

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Approved! The Secret To Getting Your Loan Request Rubber Stamped


  We’ve all been through a stage in our lives when money was tight, and we needed to source a quick cash injection. That’s what bank loans are there to provide you with, but they’re it’s not always easy to convince a bank to part with their money. Since the latest recession, banks have become a lot more resolute in their lending processes. That can make them a pretty tough nut to crack.   If you aren’t absolutely prepared for

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Student Loan Debt Hacks – Are You Interested?


  Nowadays, owning a student load debt is not at all something to be ashamed of – according to an international study, more than 23% from the people who are struggling with debts are aged 19-24. In this case, there are some measures meant to be taken up – some that even you can put into practice. These being said, if you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an

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