How to Start Earning Passive Income

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Many people dream of being able to earn a passive income. This is where you have income coming in which you have not had to work for. This can include interest on savings and return on investments, for example. On a larger scale it can mean dividends form stocks and shares or rental from property. It can also include pension income. Basically it means any income that you receive where you are not actively involved in earning it. Passive income

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Pension Alternatives for Retirement

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There are many people who are looking for alternative ways to save for their retirement than pensions. Although a pension can be good, as you know that it will pay you an income until you die. They have been getting a bad reputation lately. People might be worried about them being lost if the provider goes out of business, that they may not be worth enough or that they may not draw enough out before they die to take advantage

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How to Get on the Housing ladder

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With house prices rising so rapidly it is becoming more difficult for people to get on the housing ladder. However, there are things that you can do to give yourself a chance if doing so. It may seem that prices keep rising and that things are impossible, but if you really focus then you will find that it is possible, with discipline and hard work. Deposit You will need to save for a deposit if you want to buy a

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Tips on Protecting Yourself from Stock Market Crashes

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If you hold shares then the stock market crashing can be your worst nightmare. You may live in a country where the market is prone to crashing every few years and worry about it a lot or you may just generally be concerned about the risk. There are things that you can do though, to stop it affecting you so much. Invest Elsewhere If the stress of the stock market is really bad then you could take your money out

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Why Should You Take Up a Different Career Even at 40 Years Old

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Have you ever consider taking up a different career? Do you feel as if the life you lived until today did not manage to be the one you expected? Well, due to the fact that we are under the circumstances of the life we are ought to live, at first we might feel constrained by the choices we make. Still, as time goes by, we become more mature and more independent in our choices and we finally wish to take

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3 Ideas to Save Money For a Trip


  Nowadays, taking a day off is, from time to time, a serious problem. Believe it or not, people find it pretty difficult to say stop to someone or something that provide them with money. And it could be, pretty well, understandable – due to the fact that money is the fundamental reason why people are working, keeping them at our side requires time in exchange. Still, when you are planning to go on a trip, you need both time

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Saving Money While Being on Your Own


Nowadays, money is everything. If you do not have money, you are almost no one on the market. And the logic is super easy – every single one of us is looking forward to making as many money as possible, just because a life with money is a life without problems – or, at least, this is what they say. Still, what happens when you are a student? Or a person who does not make a lot of money? Well,

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Why Knowledge Equals Money


These days, more and more people are looking forward to knowing the very best place where to put their money into. It is really risky to see whether or not one or another place would be really worth it, especially when you are a teenager. You might have a certain amount of money, but they definitely are not enough to open up a business or to buy a house to rent. Still, it does not mean that you can not

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Traveling With Children – What to Consider


Would you like to be able to show to your children just everything is best in this world? Do you want to know that sooner or later, they will get to travel with you to that amazing destination? Believe it or not, this is exactly what a parent wants for his child. There is simply no better way for you to get you going without some extra time and organisation in order to get the outcome expected. Still, before heading

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Taking Benefit of Twitter in the Best Way Possible With Only 1 Hour Per Day

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Nowadays, keeping your business up to date and investing in social networks might be the mix for your success. Believe it or not, no one will be able to hear about you, about your products or services if you do not make yourself heard. In order to let the possible customers see what you have to offer, firstly you must understand the rules of marketing – and this is the first one in the line. Any business, whether talking about

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