Infolinks Review – Money I Earned and How Much You can Earn

I just need to mention this in the first sentence, infolinks it’s better than adsense for sure. While I was using adsense, there were many problems, like ads not related to my blog and waiting too long for payments and too high payment threshold.  Not to high for me, but for new bloggers and people that have just started  their online businesses, the payment threshold is too high.

While at infolinks it’s just $50, and you can earn it really fast, since my average earnings per day were around 3.50, and in one month you can earn some great extra cash, and payments are fast.

For example if you make $100 in April, you will get payed at the end of May, with money deposited directly in your paypal account. It doesn’t matter from which country you are as long as paypal is available in that country.

image source: infolinks

My Infolinks Earnings:

Here is a little screenshot of my earnings with infolinks:

And for November I used infolinks for only half a month, since I had another services to use and check them out, you see I always try to keep up with the new tools and websites for monetizing a blog. But I added the infolinks back two days ago, which will for sure improve my earnings.

And as you can see, if you for example have a nice blog and quality content, there is always a place for you in infolinks community. Right now they are testing some new tools which will only help online businesses to earn even more.

I have a bit over 2,500 unique visitors a day, and with this traffic and me always testing and turning the ads on and off, I earn over $100 per month with infolinks.

Infolinks Options and Advantages

Now if you have more traffic it’s even better, and it all depends on how many links you set in infolinks admin panel. For example, my blog has around 3 links per page from infolinks. And I found it to work pretty good, once i set it up to 6 links, and earnings increased for 30%.

I use in text ads, and intag links, here are the examples on how they look like:

intext ads

intag links:


Now when it comes to disadvantages of the infolinks, you know that every tool has some. I found out that if you put too much links inside your post, users tend to leave sooner and you get a higher bounce rate. That’s why I recommend you to keep the number of links between 1 – 3 and everything should be fine.

When it comes to intag links, they are perfect for any blog, you can change their looks and design from the admin panel, but I couldn’t find the way to put the ads above the post, instead they automatically add them under your post, and if you want to add them above the text, you will need to do it manually.

Should You Use Infolinks and How Much You Can Make

That’s it, if you want to use infolinks to monetize your blog or online business, I highly recommend you to try them out.This is not a sponsored post, this is my honest review I decided to write because I’ve been using them for quite some time and they are awesome.

Now if you have more then 1000 visitors a day on your blog or less, you can expect to make around $50 a month, which is not bad. Couple of similar tools and you’re ready to make a lot of money online, and remember, diversify your online income. Always have multiple income streams and have tools like adsense and infolinks both installed on your blog or website if you want.

  • Rahul

    killer post!!!! i want to earn money like you thanks for sharing your experience

    • James W

      Thank you Rahul, just keep working hard, and I’m sure that you will earn even more.

  • anis

    I just received an Infolinks payoneer mastercard for receiving my earnings i hope i can make as you do

  • Pamela

    Hi James, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing this great review with your readers! I’m happy to hear that you’re so pleased with Infolinks, it’s a great way to earn money online. Keep up the good work!

    • James W

      Hi Pamela, thank you for visiting my blog and checking out this review, You guys are awesome, keep up the great work :)

  • PrIyAnGsHu

    I had been using Infolinks on my old tech blog but I have sold that site now. Right now I’m not using it anymore, but planning to start using it again on my new sites soon.

    • James W

      That’s great, and how were your earnings on your old blog?

  • PrIyAnGsHu

    Well enough. I used to earn around $150 per month with about 130k PVs each month.

  • Marko

    Great, it make me spirit to get money with another choice as like GA.

    • James W

      I’m glad you found it helpful and I hope that you got inspired, because infolinks is a great way to make money online and to monetize your blog.

  • Michael Cheney

    Thanks for sharing this brilliant ideas . This could help me on my online career. Again, thanks for sharing. ::0

    • James W

      You’re welcome Michael, I’m glad that you found it helpful.

      thanks for stopping by :)

  • PrIyAnGsHu

    By the way James, what’s your traffic on this blog ?

    • James W

      It’s over 65,000 Unique visitors and growing fast :)

  • Dimple

    I want to ask suppose if you have earned 100$ in any month with infolinks then how much will infolinks pay you as the minimum threshold is 50$.My method of receiving payment is echeck.I want to ask will infolinks pay me 100$ at once or in installments of 50$ a month till the amount reaches 100$.

    • James W

      Hi Dimple, if you earned $100, you will get $100.