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How to Win All Bets that you Place


How to Win All Bets that you Place

Image courtesy of Lionel Roubeyrie

Image courtesy of Lionel Roubeyrie

Betting is something that many people have a go at. Some people seem to be a lot more successful than others and some people even seem to use it as a way of getting an income. This can make it seem very attractive, but if you place a bet, it is very likely that you will lose the money. However, there are some ways that you can make it more likely that you will win.

Matched betting is something that a lot of people are trying. This is where you register for the first time with a betting website and they match your deposit. This means that you have more money to bet with. This will increase your chances of winning if you use it wisely. One way to guarantee that you have a win is to bet on all possibilities, for example, bet on both teams winning in a football match then you will have a win and if you have free money to bet with, you could even find that you will win more than you paid out. Horse racing can be even better if you choose a race with very few horses in it and bet on them all for a place, you could end up getting a pretty good pay out, although if there are too few horses, they will only pay for the first two places rather than the first four.

There is no such thing as a sure bet though. Even if you do lots of research, studying the odds and really work hard to decide on who you think will be taking part, then you will still not guarantee that you will win, the only way to do this is to bet on all eventualities, as mentioned earlier. There is a big drawback with this though. You may find that you will be paid back less than you bet. If the winner is the one with the lowest odds, then you could end up just getting a small amount of money back and the amount that you paid on the losing bets could be a lot more and therefore you will not make back all that you bet. Therefore the only way to guarantee that you will not lose money is not bet at all. This is obviously pretty boring though! Therefore if you do lots of research to try to work out which is the best situation to bet on and use matched betting, you have a better chance of making back some of the money you bet and there is even a possibility that you could profit. However, matched betting is limited as it tends only to happen when you first register with a betting site and therefore can only be done once with each company. After that you will not have such a big chance of making money. This makes sense as a gambling company wants to attract new customers and then hopes that they will continue to bet so that they make a profit.

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