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How to Save Money on Heating this Winter


How to Save Money on Heating this Winter

Image courtesy of Kenneth Hagemeyer

Image courtesy of Kenneth Hagemeyer

As winter approaches, there is always the balance between the cost of the heating and staying warm and comfortable. Even those that can afford an increase in their bills, still notice that it is more expensive and it so may benefit form finding some ways to cut the costs.

It is wise to start by looking at the timer on your boiler. Make sure that the clock is accurate and that the times the heating is set to go on and off suit you and your lifestyle. There is a belief among some that leaving heating on low all of the time is cheaper than putting it higher when you need it. This is simply not the case, so just have it on when you need it. Consider when you go to bed and turn it off half an hour before so that you do not waste heat and put it on just half an hour before you get up to warm the house. In rooms that you do not use, turn off the radiators and close the doors, using a draft excluder if necessary to avoid wasting unnecessary heat. Smart meters can be useful as well as apps where you can control heating from your phone. This means that you will be able to turn the heating on just before you arrive home, so the house is warm, even if you do not always arrive at regular times each day, therefore saving you having to guess and possibly put the heating on for longer than necessary.

It is often recommended that heating is turned down a few degrees. This can save money, but you need to make sure that you are keeping warm enough. Therefore have plenty of hot drinks and hot meals and wrap up warm. It can be hard to move around with thick clothes on which is why thin layers can be a better idea. If you move around you will also stay warmer, so keep exercising even if it is too cold to go outside.

If you are at home in the day, then you may find that you want the heating on to keep warm, but this will add up to be pretty expensive. One way to avoid paying so much is to go out and take advantage of other people’s heating. You could go to the local library, for example and spend time there on the computers or just reading and take advantage of how warm it is there. Perhaps visiting a friend or family member could mean they will pay for heating and not you and then returning the favour, so that you can both save money. Even walking will keep you warmer, most of the time than sitting at home as long as you are able to wrap up warm outside. Walking up hills warms you up even more quickly as it takes more effort to do it and so if you can, then this is a great way to keep warm, you will also find that when you get home, you will stay warm for a while as well.

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