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How to make $4,000 per month as mediocre writer

In today’s post I’m going to show you a money making method that worked when I first started freelance blogging. It is pretty easy to learn and you could earn and accomplish a lot in no time.

When I first started blogging, I had no clue about anything. I didn’t know how a good post should look like, how it should be formatted and most importantly, how much I should charge per one post. Logically, I didn’t know the last one as I really didn’t know whether I’m writing something quality, mediocre or posts that sucks. I was afraid to ask my audience what they do think of the posts I was presenting to them because the answer could crush me and kill all my motivation. But finding more about my skills was a necessity to my further success.

Once when I felt I really wrote a good post I went to couple of people and asked them to rate my post. I only asked for honest feedback and I find out that I was mediocre writer. Some even said they didn’t liked a single word I wrote. Well, too bad. I didn’t give up because I knew that there is plenty of work for guys like me in the freelance world. I also worked a lot on improving my skills so I could eventually raise my rate as quality rises.

What the work consists of

When I was starting out I didn’t have clue that some of the bloggers were getting $200+ per post. I was mostly focusing on smaller gigs that were paying between $10 and $30. However, the quality of such posts didn’t had to be that high and my work was mostly focused on:

  • SEO Articles
  • Article rewriting
  • Cookie-cutter blog posts

SEO writing mostly consists of writing a post that focuses on some important SEO factors such as keyword density, keyword diversity, H2, H3 tags and similar. The quality was not that important and clients really didn’t wanted a masterpiece. They were only looking for posts that rank.

Article rewriting was also pretty easy. There were two type of clients that wanted their articles rewritten: ones who wanted to stay in a race with new Google algorithm and ones who received article full of errors from some other freelancer. I was just doing a good job and I was able to keep my all clients happy.

Cookie-cutter blog posts are the ones that doesn’t require a spectacular fancy writing that costs couple of hundreds. Clients are mostly looking for a solid post that will fit into their budget but still be quality enough to keep most of the readers happy.

How to land these types of jobs

I find out that people who need writers all the time are SEO companies. There were plenty of those all around the Internet and they were paying a solid rate as they were freelancers and knew how much work needs to be put in getting something quality.

I was usually approaching SEO companies by email which didn’t resulted in very good response rate since I was getting only around 20%. However, that was enough as the SEO companies who got back to me had thousands of articles that needed to be written or rewritten.

The key to my success was outsourcing. I hired around 10 writers who were producing articles on a daily basis for me while I was only taking orders and getting percentage from every job. That was great for me and I knew I could last long like that.




Happy to have your attention if only for a moment. My name is Luke and I'm a #1 rated freelancer in USA. If you are willing to read more posts that I wrote, hire me or find about who I am, visit my website

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