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How to Earn Money Online Without Investment


We consider in this article the basic and affordable type of earning money online that generally do not require any investment. We will consider the option for earning money as an affiliate.

Earnings on Affiliate Program

One of the high paying jobs on the internet available today, it is trading on affiliate programs, because in this you are not only interested to promote an items, but also you are one of the partners of the items to sell online. Let’s start analyze what is an affiliate program.

Affiliate Program is a form of business cooperation between vendors and partners, in which the partners make their profit, as a percentage or a specified amount, for attracting visitors to the merchant site, provided that these visitors will fulfill certain conditions (purchase, writing comments, registration, downloading files, watching videos).

Now, what is required of you to earn money on affiliate programs.

1. A Site, preferably with the original design, and the same content. Because people are not attracted to the network sites incubators in which a pair of similarity reaches 90%.

2. Recommended traffic to your site should be at least 300-500 unique users. It can be screwed by means of special sites, better known as CAP (active promotion system).

3. Registration Affiliate. Their list you can find on the Internet, be sure to read the reviews about these partners, and how to withdraw money. Not very nice when the amount of your income comes to opportunities in output and turns that you can not withdraw them from there, for various reasons.

4. You should be able to prove ownership of the site (location code on it, or a file with the affiliate site). This is to confirm that you own a site, and are solely responsible for the content hosted on it and advertising.

5. Register your website in online affiliate. The creation of so-called platform and getting the code to put it on the site. (For details on installing the code you can read on the site affiliate, or find this information in the search engines. If you do not have the skills to work with html code, it is best to explore all the details, and then engaged in the installation of code on your site, otherwise you risk losing all the data on your website).

And lastly. Do not forget to follow the statistics of the site and the affiliate. If necessary, change the subject of advertising, or affiliate itself. Follow the adage “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

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