Image courtesy of Steven Lilley

Many people stick to the same current account for a very long time because it is more convenient as well as sometimes out of a sense of loyalty and brand preference. However, there is often advice given that we should change current accounts in order to be better off financially. This could be worth many people looking into as large savings could potentially be made.

It is wise to consider what you use your current account for. You may have standing orders and direct debits draw cash from it, use a debit card, use a cheque book, use the overdraft, collect interest or have other benefits. Note down everything that you use as part of the current account, because you will want to make sure that you get all of these in any alternative account that you consider.

It is worth making sure you are aware of how much interest you are paid (if any) and any benefits you get from the account (such as a better rate on savings accounts, cheap insurance etc) as well so that you can check whether you think you are currently getting good value for money and whether any other accounts will be better than this. Make sure that you are fully taking advantage of the benefits that you get though as it can be easy to think it is a good deal but then never take advantage of the benefits so be paying for something that you do not use.

You have to pay a fee for some current accounts. It is good to look into these rather than just dismissing them. It can be tempting to not want to pay for things when there is a free alternative, but you need to make sure that you are not missing a good opportunity. Consider what you are getting for your money and whether you think that it is worth it. You could make good use of some of the things or be able to save money elsewhere as a result.

You may find it easier to use a comparison website so that you can compare a selection of sites all at once. However, these sites do not look at all accounts and so to be sure that you have the biggest choice, it could be better to use a financial advisor. Although you have to pay them, they could save you more money than the price of their fees and so it is worth considering this option. They will also save you a lot of time as otherwise you will have to do lots of research yourself.

It is important to be aware that the best account for you will not always stay as the best. You will find that over time they will change what they are offering customers and you may need to look around again and choose again. This can take time and changing over this account is probably the hardest out of all your bank / building society accounts because of the amount of things that have to be changed such as direct debits, standing orders etc. However, you could find that you will save or make a significant amount of money by doing this and you will need to decide whether you think that it is worthwhile.