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How to Afford Christmas Gifts this Year


How to Afford Christmas Gifts this Year

Image courtesy of Sean Macentee

Image courtesy of Sean Macentee

As Christmas gets nearer many people start to feel the stress of not knowing how to afford all of the gifts that they have to buy. It can get worse as families tend to get bigger not smaller and expectations can grow as well as there are always new things to buy and new ideas to take on. There seem to be new traditions each year to keep up with such as elf on the shelf, Christmas Eve boxes, more exotic food and many more things. Then some people seem to be buying more and more gifts as well and it can be difficult to keep up with it all.

Some people decide to talk to friends and family and agree that they will not buy gifts. Others will agree on a small budget, just buying for younger members of the family or limiting the number of gifts given. It can be a hard subject to bring up, but can be a big relief to those that either struggle to afford Christmas or struggle to manage the stress of it all. Although there are many people who save all year to buy presents, love shopping, choosing and giving presents, there are others that find it really hard to manage. Some find it stressful to decide what to buy for people, find the time to shop, wrap and deliver or post items and to afford them. It can be kind to check with people as to whether they want to exchange gifts this year or not, just to see how they are feeling about it. The best gift you could gift them is removing the cost, hassle and stress of them having to reciprocate your gift.

If this is not something you can face doing, you think it will not work or you tried and could not get others to agree then you will need a new solution. It is not far enough away to do major saving but you could start to cut back for a while to put away a bit of money. It could also be good to see whether you have anything in the house that you can regift to people and food that you can hang on to use when you have guests. It is also  a good idea to arrange to see friends and family after Christmas and then you may be able to regift things that you are given at Christmas to them when you see them. As long as it was not given to you by anyone that they know then this could be a great solution.

You may also still have time to make gifts. Consider baking, sewing, knitting, drawing or making gifts rather than buying them. This is not always cheaper, but it depends what you have in the house to work with. There is also time to start looking around for items to give to others that are on sale or just cheap. Look at more unusual shops and they will not know that you got it on special offer

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