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How to Achieve a Great Garden on a Budget


How to Achieve a Great Garden on a Budget

Image courtesy of Derek Bridges

Image courtesy of Derek Bridges

Some people really love their gardens and would like to keep adding things to them to make them look really great. However, this can be really expensive especially if you buy lots of bedding plants, garden ornaments and things like that. However, there are things that you can do which will help you to save money on your garden.

Plants can be really expensive and there are a couple of ways that you can reduce the cost of these. Firstly if you buy seeds rather than plants, you will find that they are a lot cheaper. There will be more work as you will have to start them inside in most cases, thin them out and then replant them. You will have to start earlier and therefore will need to water more often. However, you should still find that they will be cheaper. If you do not fancy doing this then you could buy plants that will last. This means not buying plants that will just flower and then die off but things which will survive all of the year round. You will therefore just have to buy the plant once and it will last a really long time. The problem with this is that they will be more expensive to start with and so you will have to pay about a lot of money in the beginning. However, you could buy a few and slowly add to them as you can afford it and you will find that your garden will slowly develop.

If you want your garden completely changed and landscaped then this could be extremely expensive. It could be worth trying to put together some designs yourself and seeing whether you can work out how to do it on a budget without paying for a landscape gardener to come in and do the work. Within the design it is worth considering how much it will cost to maintain the garden, as even if you have enough for the initial design you will need to make sure that you also have enough to keep up with maintaining it over the years. This is often not just about working in the garden but replacing plants, repairing things etc. which can be expensive.

Keeping things simple can be the way to go. Having a few key features, such as a few pretty shrubs or plants and then letting the rest build up over time. You may be able to get cutting or seeds from friends and family, ask people to buy you plants and / or ornaments when they want to get you gifts and just slowly build up all of the elements of your garden. This will enable you to slowly develop the ideas of how you want it to look and afford everything that you need to make it look great. It can be tempting to feel you want it all done quickly and it is lovely if you can afford to do that, but there is also a pleasure in saving up and slowly developing the space and it can be very much more rewarding.


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