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5 Unusual Ways to Make Money Offline

“Offline” used to be the only way to make money many years ago, so what do we mean when we talk about making money offline in unusual ways? It means “think outside the box” about ways you can make a few quick bucks without relying on the internet, where moneymaking scenarios are common and not always reliable. Think about these five possibilities for making money offline.

1. Open a mobile retail store. Since the internet has made shopping so easy and convenient, many shoppers have become accustomed to having the goods right at their fingertips, rather than having to drive and park and spend hours in line. One way to bring the same benefits to customers is to open your own mobile retail store. Purchase a van, line it with merchandise, get whatever permits you need, and drive right to where your customers are. For example, you might sell baked goods in the parking lot of a large company and baby clothes from your van in a hospital ramp. Get creative!

2. Grow food in a vacant lot. Urban farming is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the demolition of so many foreclosed homes, which leaves empty lots scattered about neighborhoods. But you can convert lots to small urban farms easily and quickly. Research any local ordinances or zoning rules, get permission to use the empty acreage and start to grow food that you will sell to the neighborhood or at a farmer’s market. You will even put some other people to work on your vegetable acreage.


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3. Become a sandwich board. Next time you are driving down the highway, you might see a person dressed up as the statue of liberty with a sandwich board advertising “US Liberty Tax Services” or “Manny’s Used Car Sale.” This old-fashioned form of advertising is becoming popular again. It creates a bit of buzz and is something different. You can make some money walking around with a sign touting “Joes’s Pawnshop” or “California payday loans,” but the real promise lies in owning a company that employs and deploys the sandwich board wearers.

4. Hawk tickets. In many states, the purchase and resale of sports, theater, and event tickets (even in excess of face value) is legal. Many do this online, but you can make good money standing outside the stadium or theater with a block of tickets to sell – or again, become the owner who buys tickets and hires folks to do the live sales.

5. Do children birthday parties. This is not something you can do online. If you have a talent for working with kids, this may be perfect for you. If you clown, sing, dance, act, work with puppets or musical instruments, and can entertain a crowd of kids you can have a thriving weekend only business that will not only make some money but will gratify.

Brainstorm the possibilities!


  1. Hmmm, great advice you have here. I like the mobile store idea, especially since there is a new service provider that gives you a chance to get paid from referrals. Dont quite remember their name or anything but I heard someone mention it at my job. Anyway I think combining different methods can help you make money in different ways. Also be sure that you try to implement your hobbies somehow. Its hard to make money with something you have no interest in.

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