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Blogging Contest – Earn $100 or Free Hosting With MakeMoneyInLife


Blogging Contest – Earn $100 or Free Hosting With MakeMoneyInLife

Hello again, this will be a short and straight to the point blog post.

We’re starting a quick blogging contest for everyone who’s interested, this will be one of our first attempts to reward hard working writers and bloggers. If this one goes well, we will organize new contest every month or even every 15 days.

How to enter this blogging contest, and some basic rules:

Write a a blog post and send it to us for a review at
Article/blog post needs to be 500 words min. topics need to fit our blog categories, which you can check on the bottom right corner of the blog.

Author must add his/her short author bio at the end of the blog post and to link to his own website or blog.


Author of the most commented, shared and liked post will have the chance to earn $100, payed by us using PayPal. The quality of the article is the most important part of course, that comes into count too.

Second and third place will get their shared hosting paid by me to start their own blog, I know how this can be helpful for someone that just started blogging. We will choose the hosting of course and we will pay hosting for 2 months.

Contest will last from today February 17th to March 1st 2016.

Happy blogging, and looking forward to reading the interesting posts. And paying out the prize.


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