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3 WordPress Email Autoresponder Plugins to Use for Free – Aweber Alternatives


When Google starts to produce all these animal updates like right now, where we had a Google Penguin 2.0 announced on May 22nd, then the best solution to save your traffic and rankings is with email list and autoresponders.

Offer your visitors to subscribe with you so that they can get the newest updates on time.

But how to do that without paying a lot of money to autoresponder tools like aweber or mailchimp?

Simple, use something free, like wordpress plugins, we have plugins for everything these days, why not for collecting emails, creating newsletter and making our own autoresponder with plugin. Of course we will not make it ourselves, just install the wordpress plugin and you have a nice and FREE autoresponder.

This way, you will separate yourself from the Google and you will not loose your traffic if one of the updates catches your website or blog.

Here are the some of the best WordPress free Email Autoresponder Plugins:

WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin 

Gather subscribers, manage them in separate newsletters, send follow-up emails, send broadcasts, send blog post deliveries all in one plugin.

BFT Autoresponder

This plugin allows scheduling of automated autoresponder messages and managing a mailing list.


Sending great emails and newsletters is something that should be easy and not require a third party system. This plugin aims to fix that and allow you to manage newsletters and emails with easy within WordPress.

There you go, if you have some other plugins that you know for, please share it with us.

Thanks for reading.


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