Find out how to make more money blogging: Replace revenue lost from Panda

google panda update

Last month, Google announced that sites with more than three ads above the fold would rank lower on Google Search results. This was aimed at content-thin landing pages that are stuffed with AdSense ads; such pages traditionally rank well on Google and can even rank first for searches for long-tailed keywords pretty easily.   However, the result has been that a lot of sites with real human readers have had to reduce the number of above-the-fold ads (especially sites with

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10 Websites to Sell Your Art Online

sell art online

Art is the way you live your life, everything that is worth something is art, we can’t live without it. Our  cars, smartphones, houses,  they are all designed with the artistic touch. Since any kind of art is valuable, why don’t sell it and make some money. Selling art is fine job and can bring you financial freedom if your artwork becomes popular. If you are not connected emotionally to your art work, sell it and earn money so you can continue creating more beautiful artworks.

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5 Web hosting Factors To Consider Before Spending Your Money


Web hosting is a popular topic. Is it? A website must be hosted before the world can see it. When looking for web hosting company, you need to have some guidelines. These are factors that determine what you get in the future. As the saying goes, “you get what you paid for.” But don’t be enticed by expensive hosting – whether cheap or expensive, what matters is that your end goals are met. Web Hosting Credibility The web hosting company

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How to Make Money by Selling Images to stock photography sites


So, you have a passion for photography but the uncertainties and the low pay package that make you choose otherwise. But this is not the case any more. The boom of blogging industry and the popularity of modern websites have opened up a floodgate of opportunity for freelance photographers to earn cash steadily and at the same time pursue their passion without caring any fig for the low pricing. Since website owners are constant need of great imageries to keep

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UrbanSitter – Where Babysitters Are Making Money

make money babysitting

I want to tell you about this new amazing website. Basically, it’s the website marketplace for babysitters… where parents can find babysitters and sitters can find good payed job. You will be able to make money online by babysitting and you can earn a lot, this is a place where technology meets babysitters. About Website In their own words: UrbanSitter is a community match service for parents and babysitters who connect online through Facebook and their existing networks. The site

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Best Websites to Rent Your Car And Make Money

rent a car and make money

You can make a lot of money just by renting your car. If you have one, that is just collecting dust in the garage, clean it and prepare to rent it online. This is the list of the best websites where you can make money renting your car. Not long ago, in November, I wrote about “getaround” and how you can make money with this amazing website just by renting your car. And this is the real deal, you will not

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Speed Up Your Computer – 3 Effective Ways To Speed Up PC

speed up your pc

What can you do to speed up your computer? If your computer operating system has been running slowly, bear in mind that a lot of factors are contributing to it. I could recall when my PC was having loading issues, I tried some software out there but nothing happened. I don’t know what you’re experiencing but I’m confident there is solution of you. In this post, I’ll share some effective ways to speed up PC without infecting any of your documents

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How to make money online with affiliate web hosting


It is good to learn that you are having a great going in your 9 to 5 job and you are that much close to get that coveted increment. But what if, like the famous Hollywood movie – Horrible Bosses, you are robbed of all the possibilities and find yourself in a terrible situation bereft of all hopes. So, the morale of the story is you need to have a plan B ready to deal such emergencies. And to have

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London Pass – The Best Blogging Education To Change Your Mind

London pass

Have you been wondering what blogging has for you? I recently discovered London pass; a london sightseeing network. Actually, a blogger friend of mine introduced this blog to me. During the course of surfing through this site, I was inspired to write this post. London Pass is a website that allows international business people to visit London and experience the land of bliss. I was wondering what this could do for me until I gave it a shot. We all

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Chirpify- Turn Your Tweets Into Cash


I want to tell you about new website which will change the way we buy and sell online. Forget all the other methods you used before to buy and sell on twitter, because Chirpify turn your followers into “instant customers”. Yes, the twitter is going to be changed from now on, not just by design but with the eCommerce solutions like Chirpify. About Chirpify is the website where you can sell your products by tweeting about it, create and tweet offer with product image. And your followers that decide

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